Now you know the difference.

Now you know the difference.


What I’m saying is that everything, before it becomes easy, is a triumph. And some things never become easy—and in that case, simply continuing to do them is a triumph.


Opinions changed through comments?

I was wondering what would happen if a newbie ended up on a tutorials or “how-to site” for the first time, read an article and then looked at the comments. Could that person change their mind about how useful is that article because of the negative comments? Would that person consider the article useful, in spite of the negative ideas? Does the quantity of negative comments affect someone’s opinion or their quality?

Could someone intentionally alter your perception of something through their massive commenting on articles?


Tart with Art

There’s a clear need for refreshing the current concept of art among young people. I’ve noticed a few leitmotifs on the web, things that seem to define a large group of youngsters who like to paint, photograph, write, etc. I’m getting frustrated by the fact that originality and creativity are going on a downward slope.

Writing utter nonsense doesn’t make your work “art”. Example: You’re writing about a house filled with unicorns that feed on babies and shit marshmallows. That’s utter crap. It’s even worse if you write like you’re high and you’re phrases look like they come from different stories. People won’t read anything you write unless they’re drunk and your text gives them - combined with the alcohol in their blood - trips similar to those of LSD.

Photography. You’re taking pictures of nude girls or semi-nude girls. Some of them might even be underaged. But you’re an artist and artists can’t be child molesters. Some of your models use masks. Animal masks like foxes, deers, owls.

Design. You use a lot of colours, create “abstract” art like monkeys wearing helmets or mice with eyeglasses. If someone gives you feedback on how to improve your work and not do the same thing as all the other “n" ("n" is an undefined number as I have no idea how many graphic designers are in this world) designers do, you act like someone kicked you in the balls.

These few things are part of the hipster “culture”. The web is filled with things that fit in the above description. I’m starting to detest the way people create. The web has offered too much liberty and everyone thinks he/she is an artist on the web. Create something unique if you want to be called an artist and your work to amaze people.